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"As a Southern California Wedding Planner, I have many weddings that take place outside.. I'm thrilled that Jill Watson, with Save the Veil, invented the amazing new "must have" for my brides called Veil Weights! No longer do my brides have to worry about their veils flying about in the wind...with these new, beautiful veil weights, my brides can enjoy their walk down the aisle with the veil weights holding their veils in place. They've been a true 'veil savior' for many of my brides! Any bride having a ceremony or reception outside, or even if they're just taking wedding photos outside, should have the new veil weights by Save the Veil!"  ~ Sharon Gall, Once Upon A Time Weddings


"We used Save the Veil - Veil Weights this past weekend and with gusty winds it was a huge success! At the last moment when her veil was going up the air I put them on without her even noticing and it was fully contained!! It was perfect! I will use them in my kit for every wedding! Plus they were so beautiful it just added to the beautiful dress! Thanks Jill for coming up with the perfect idea!"  ~ Kathy Nosek, A Divine-Occasion


"Your veil weights are so handy, smartly designed and beautiful! Our Brides love them and the Casa Romantica is happy to have them available for those opportune times!"  ~ Brianne Scott, Event Manager, Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens

"My hotel is located on a cliff which is beautiful for ceremonies but at times the wind can pick up. We used the Saved the Veil for a Bride and they worked perfectly! The veil didn’t blow away and the Bride was so happy!" ~ Eryin Choi, Meetings & Special Events Manager